Privacy policy

Last updated November 19th 2022.

We collect the following information from users during the usage of our app, alongside more that may not be listed here:

  • Phone number
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Shirt size
  • Biological sex
  • Pregnancy status
  • Eating disorder history
  • Meal names, descriptions, ingredients, locations, etc.
  • Height
  • Name
  • Address
  • IP Address(es)
  • Photos of their weight loss progress and meals
  • Email address
  • Payment method(s)

We collect the above information directly from users throughout the usage of our app. During this usage, the following individuals/organization may also be granted access to your information temporarily:

  • The user themselves, for in-app identification
  • threesixfive staff, for user identification and contact purposes, as necessary.
  • Vendors such as, but not limited to:
  • Twilio, used for SMS communication between our API and Users
  • Postmark, used for Email communication between our API and Users
  • Typeform, used for surveying profile data from our customers
  • Stripe, used for payment processing
  • Apple, used for app distribution and in-app payments
  • Google, used for app distribution and in-app payments
  • PlanetScale, our Database vendor

As a user, your information is safeguarded by the at least the following technologies:

If you don't wish to provide your information through our mobile app interface, please make a staff member aware via and we would be more than happy to accommodate you over the phone or in-person within a 25 mile radius of Ventura County, CA.

If this privacy policy changes, users will be notified by phone number or email (whichever is provided), so long as they have indicated they wish to receive notifications of privacy policy changes via email to

Any questions? Please reach out to